Thursday, February 2, 2017

ACV to the Rescue!

Have ya'll ever used apple cider vinegar for health things? When I was a kid I had several moles removed from my neck. Now, some 25 years later, I've got little skin tag like things popping up on my neck again. Yesterday one of them got caught on my coat, which was really great, so today I decided I'd try a little ACV and see if it actually works. I poured some onto a piece of tissue, put in on the spot, and covered it with a couple bandaids. Then I forgot about it and went to work (in a public place) and to the bus stop. It's weird, and super gross, and I smell like apple cider vinegar. But damnit I want this thing gone! So I'll keep this up for a few days and see if works. If it does I'm using it on every weird skin thing I find. If not, then I'll have made myself look like a weirdo to more people than I care to admit. #thankspinterest #ACV #weirdhomeopathy

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