Monday, January 30, 2017

Back At It

So I've been out of the blogosphere for a while now, due to a lot of factors. Mostly I'm a lazy bum, but I've also been really busy with 3 kids and sports and work and volunteering and choir that I haven't had the time to even think of a good topic. Turns out being busy also makes me painfully boring. Then I accidentally deleted the wifi driver from our old laptop so the only way to get onto the internet to write was to hide in the closet under the stairs where the only ethernet cable is, or use my phone which made me stabby. But alas! I finally have a fully functioning computer in a sunny spot NOT under the stairs, and I'm itching to start blogging again. I let my oldest read an old post about him and he laughed and laughed, and I remembered why I started this whole blog thing in the first place. Then he made me a cup of coffee and I remembered why having kids was such a smart idea on my part. Shortly after finishing that sentence my boys starting screaming at each other about why the other one sucks, and once again I find myself question the decision to have multiple children. So I'm drinking my coffee and pretending I'm alone in a coffee shop somewhere where children aren't allowed.