Sunday, September 18, 2016

Who Am I and What Am I Doing Here

8 years ago I started a blog. The Rational Mind of a Crazy Woman was my baby. It gave me an outlet and place to work out my thoughts, but more importantly it reignited my love of writing. I haven’t posted anything there in a really long time, and since I started that blog my life has changed significantly. What hasn’t changed is my desire to write and share my thoughts and air my grievances, so I’m starting this new blog. This blog represents a little more of who I am now, but I am still that Crazy Woman too so for the time being I’ll be keeping that blog active as well. If you’re interested in what crazy ramblings I had back then please check it out at If you are going to stick around and read my posts, you should know that some things have not and will not change. I still curse like a sailor. I say what I want. If you have a problem with that or you get offended too easily, kindly remove the stick from your ass and find a new blog to read. Cheers!